maj 10, 2006

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Hello world!

maj 10, 2006

Like many of you I hope that one day I will be able to leave my job and live free with passive income from my internet business… But it is not easy they said that 95% of people who trying to get money from net business fail. I need feedback from you. Tell me honestly what did you use to earn al least 500 USD monthly from net. I tried to find reviews og jobs and affiliate programs on google and yahoo but I don't believe that there is anything more than advertising and trying to get someone in downline.

Here is the list of jobs I joined. Please check them out and tell what you are realy think. Of course I don't mind if you find out that one of them is interesting for you and you decide to join. But my main wish is to share experience with real people who try to earn on internet.

This one is new in our county and people in Slovenia are joinning like crazy. This business bring one of the leaders of AmWay business in Slovenia. I am talking about Fuel freedom international inc.. Yes the product is interesting and the site is also great…with many informations even certifications. So I joined and now I am curious how is with FFI in other countries.

here is my link to check out:


SECOND I like you to check GOH Generations of health. You heard about Active-h (mycrohydrine) the strongest antioksidant on the world? This is one of the products. They look nice becouse they are not to agressive like people from Amway and Lexxus I meet. See yourself and tellme what do you mean.

Here is the link:

I think this two are enough for today. if you like I will introduce you also Plan4Power, Leadingedgecash, Adultfriendfinder, same Clickbank programs,Nutronix.

If someone have experience with ANGIOPRIM please write me…… is my affiliate link:


I use TRFFICWAVE and MONSTERTRAFFIC for marketing but I am not very amazed with them. If anybody have advertising tool which produce good resoults please write me!

All the best

Iztok (Ike)